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February 3rd, 2012 (10:55 pm)

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August 23rd, 2007 (11:49 pm)

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Well thats right everybody head for the hills cause I've finally decided to actually use my journal to *gasp* post some of my whoniverse stuff as I can't get the creative bunnies out of my head and hopefully this will help. I would like to note that I take absolutely no responsibility for the mental scarring viewing my attempts at art may cause the viewer, and any attempts at fanfic writing that I get the courage to post should be read with extreme caution :P 

So hello world I think I'm going to have to announce that I might be *looks around nervously* -DE-LURKING-


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Doctor Who weekend marathon!

June 9th, 2007 (08:21 pm)

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Hey all for anyone who's interested and who lives in Australia and has foxtel (okay I realise this is becoming somewhat limiting) but UK TV is doing a doctor who weeked marathon. It includes S1 S2 and all corresponding confidential eps. S1 is almost finished on UKTV+2 "Dalek" just finished so on that one only about halfway through and UKTV "Fathers day" just ended. So if u have it and are interested check it out.

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